The Little Things

When we take on goals to improve aspects of our lives, we seem to focus on the big milestones. People who want to improve their marriages focus on the marriage conferences, date nights, and other big events. People wanting to improve their relationships with their kids often spend their efforts on the vacations. When working on leadership, leaders focus on the big events, like recognition parties. Continue reading

A Mile in His Shoes

My experience working with virtual teams has increased the past year, and I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. When talking to someone I’ve never seen, I always assume we are in the same age bracket. Time after time I’m shocked to hear he’s 47, she’s 52, etc. It made me realize how frequently we look at people’s actions within our perspective and fail to realize they aren’t coming from the same place. Continue reading

Are Your Most Important Priorities Rocks, Sand, or Water?

I’m sure by now it’s an urban myth, but the story goes that there was a teacher who had a container. He filled it with rocks and asked the class if the container was full. They responded “yes.” He then took sand and poured it into the container. The sand filled the space between the rocks. Again he asked his class if the container was full. Again the class affirmed that statement. Finally he poured in water. The water filled the space between the sand.

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Power of Thought

One of my biggest frustrations is hearing people say things like, “Why should I bother? It’s never going to happen,” or, “I’m never going to be able to succeed at that, so why start?” I strongly believe in self-fulfilling prophecies. If a person believes they are not going to succeed or that they are never going to achieve something, conquer something, or obtain something, then they never really will succeed.

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