Managing Ambiguity

How are you at dealing with ambiguity? When you see a risk that might impact your project, but it’s tough to predict, how do you handle it? Do you respond well when you know a reorg is planned, but aren’t sure how all the work will still get completed? Ambiguity is a part of everyday life, whether in the workplace, in your personal business, or even your life in general. Things come up, and the picture isn’t clear. We aren’t sure what the impacts will be. Sometimes we aren’t even sure if the “thing” will even happen.  Continue reading

Overcome Resistance to Change

Taking a new leadership position can be exhilarating! We are full of innovative ideas. As an outsider to the group, we instantly see ways the department could improve. We often start making a list of all things we want to change, driven by the desire to make a positive impact! However, we forget a few key things. The department is made up of individuals, individuals who may not have your vision or perhaps don’t even think they need to change. If you want your vision to succeed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning your execution.  Continue reading

What to Do before You Write a To-Do List

The new year often brings with it an onslaught of planning. We make plans for what we want to achieve within our companies, within our departments, and often in our lives. This usually takes the form of us listing everything we feel we need to achieve that year and assigning dates and sometimes detailed action-plans. Unfortunately, while we may gain short-term success from this activity, our long-term success could be serious stunted. Continue reading

A Way Out

It was a school zone. Someone was driving recklessly. I’m not sure how it happened, but soon two cars had their windows rolled down. One man yelled, “It’s a school zone!” The other replied sarcastically, “Was the light on?” The other promptly informed him, “Yes, and there is a cop back there, you moron.” That did it! The reckless man spewed profanity and told the first guy to mind his own business as he drove off. Why do I tell this story? When we want someone to change their behavior, we have to leave them a way out. Continue reading