I Have to Work for Whom?

I’ve felt fortunate with my past couple of bosses, but I haven’t always been so lucky. In my career I’ve encountered some poor leaders, and I know many people who’ve worked for worse bosses than I have. These could be bosses who always take the credit when things go right and point the finger when it doesn’t. Or how about bosses who decide they just don’t like you on a personal level, so they try to force you out of the company? I’ve encountered passive-aggressive bosses, bosses who demean their employees, and bosses who flat-out lie. At some point in your career you will probably work for a less than ideal boss. What then?  Continue reading

Be Bold. Be Successful.

Be bold. I’ve heard that a lot, but it’s always been ambiguous to me. We hear stories of people being bold, but they are so fantastical that they don’t always feel real or like something we can implement. Over the past week I have learned the importance of being bold. Being bold can change your life.

I had the typical hang-ups about putting myself out there. First, I hate rejection. It’s not that I can’t handle someone telling me no; I’m afraid of them taking it further: “How pretentious of you to ask!” “Why would I ever want to work with you?” “You have a funny hairstyle.” Okay, I’m not so worried about what people think of my hair. But I’m afraid that rejection will be personal.  Continue reading

How Do You Burn?

The snow has been falling here in Colorado. It’s been nice to be able to sit in front of the fireplace. I’m not sure why, but in our house, unless you start the fire right, smoke back drafts into the living room. I found if you get the logs placed correctly, jam tons of paper underneath, and light the paper, it will burn hot enough to displace the heavier cold air, and smoke doesn’t flow back into the room. I realized many of us can be classified into logs or paper in how we approach new ideas.  Continue reading