3 Tips on Being a Change Agent

“The only constant is change.” We had Richard Batenburg, CEO of CliIntel, on the show talking about the importance of embracing change. Where do you fall on the change continuum? Are you an early adopter or a laggard? Somewhere in between? Well, if you want to affect change in your organization, but you don’t have the authority, here are a few tips to help you influence the culture: Continue reading

The Transformation of a Dream

It’s in the setbacks that we grow the most. Our dreams become refined; the imperfections are stripped away. Mary MacNeilly learned this at a young age. She joined us on the show and told us how her dreams of being a professional dancer were taken from her when she was in a car accident as a teenager. She gave some great tips about how to rise above your circumstances:

Continue reading

The Lifeblood

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you delivered a product or service to a customer and expected accolades, only to be faced with a disappointed customer? You thought you delivered exactly what the customer was asking for, but they felt you didn’t meet the requirements at all! Customer relationships can be challenging, but they are the lifeblood of business.  Continue reading