Character is vital to the success of any group, from a family, to a corporation, to a company. In my blog I attempt to focus on leadership and the characteristics that make a good leader. I have worked in many industries from film, to retail, to finance, to health care and IT. Through this I have realized leadership trumps expertise in the industry. Expertise can be taught, character has to be desired by the individual. I hope you find my ramblings interesting and thought-provoking as I live out my journey to become a better leader.

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  1. I listened to your interview on the Tech Lead Journal and was impressed by how much I learned in 44 minutes! You’ve obviously got a wealth of experience. Very interesting to read that Leadership trumps expertise. Can Leadership be taught and if so, in what way?

    • Leadership definitely can be taught but I find it’s a lifelong journey. It is taught through exposure to ideas (great books, podcasts, etc) and then observing great leaders. I think when we identify someone as a great leader, it’s important to ask what makes them a great leader and distill that down into characteristics and activities. Mentors are another great way to grow as a leader as they can guide a person one on one. A book could probably be written on this question 😉

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