The Secret Isn’t in the Sauce

I’m not sure why I got a BS in International Business and an MBA in Finance. Almost all the valuable business skills I learned, I learned at Chick-fil-A. When I began looking for a job at 16, I swore I would not work at fast-food. I was determined to find a job at Mervyn’s or another big department store. A friend was working at Chick-fil-A, so my mom decided to pick me up an application. Reluctantly I filled it out. I began turning in my applications, and when I got to Chick-fil-A, the owner asked to interview me on the spot. That’s lesson number one:  Continue reading

She Said What?

“I got this. I understand it the best.”
“Wow, you look fabulous with your new haircut!”
“With looks like that, who needs a resume?”

I’m sure at least once a week you hear something that raises your eyebrows and makes you wonder what the person really meant by the comment. Cross-gender communication is even more challenging. All the way to the psyche, men and women are different. This week we had Amanda Johns Vaden, gender differences expert, on the show to help us improve our communication in the work place.  Continue reading

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Bob Daretta once said, “The higher you go in your career, the less you will need your technical skills; the more you will need leadership and speaking skills.” Most likely, at the start of your career, it was a lot of doing. The more you did and the better you did it equated to success. As you become a leader, it’s no longer about doing things yourself; instead, it’s doing things through others.  Continue reading

How Relationships Change Everything

“People, process, or place?” That was the question I was asked when identifying the root cause for opportunities within my department. Are they people problems, process problems, or location problems? Every time, I boiled it down to people issues. People are the drivers for success, but they are also the drivers for failure. This week, Deanna Landers was on the show, and we talked about how understanding our personalities and how they relate to others’ can make a big difference when trying to improve a department.  Continue reading

Where’s the Music?

“Never forget this: you can never assume people will automatically realize your worth” (Laura Stack). While our work speaks for itself, it may not speak loud enough, or people may not be listening. How do you take control of the review process and ultimately your raises and promotions? Ed Tate shared some great tips:  Continue reading