Tips on Becoming a Person of Influence

If you want to be influential, you have to understand the questions people are asking in the back of their heads. I was joined by Ed Tate and Ed Oakley on the show where they discussed how you have influence when you don’t have authority. Here were a few of my takeaways.

Why do you care? If you need to influence and lead people, it’s important for them to understand why you care. Before you ever talk about what you need from them, be authentically interested in them. Be interested in the work they do and how their position fits in the bigger picture. This reassures them you understand their current demands and their contribution to the workplace. Additionally, show a human interest in them. Realize they do have a life outside of work. Continue reading

What’s in It for Me?

Dale Carnegie wrote a great book – well, at least I think it’s a great book; I’ve read the first half of the book four times, but have yet to finish it. How to Win Friends and Influence People has stood the test of time. Recently I have wanted to give this book to a few people after observing their methods of getting what they want.

People don’t care what you want, they care about what they want, whether it’s your team, a customer service representative on the phone, or your neighbor. If we are not selfish people, we actually do care what other people want to a degree. However, when looking from a 50,000 foot perspective over time, we move through life with significant focus on ourselves. Some are better at moving the focus off themselves onto others, but that is not the focus of this post. For a moment, assume that to some degree, people do engage in self-focus.  Continue reading