5 Reasons to Quit a Job You Love

I felt like I was on the top of my game: I had a great boss, loved my team, was getting high profile projects and visibility with senior leadership. So I did what any sensible person would do: I quit. That’s what you would do, right? After I put in my notice, I started doubting myself and asking myself if I was crazy. Who leaves a job they love, especially in a society of people who don’t like their jobs? I do. And perhaps you should to. So when do you leave a job you love? Here are a few thoughts: Continue reading

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Share Your BHAGs

Since my junior year in college, I wanted to be a CEO. I was ecstatic when my Myers-Briggs test said that it was a job that would suit my profile (I was an ENTJ). “See?” I thought. “It’s destiny!” I didn’t want the job for the title. I wanted everything the job promised: having big ideas and making them happen; responsibility; being able to influence the course of an organization; building a strategy; and most importantly, being in charge. I wanted all the things a 19-year-old knows about being a CEO. While I have matured, I actually still want to lead a large company.  Continue reading

Be Dispensable

Ever wanted a promotion? How about going on a vacation without work tagging along? Want to learn a new position at work? The key is to be dispensable. For ages people have tried to make themselves indispensable, attempting to avoid lay-offs or seeking ways to be worth more to the company. This strategy doesn’t work, as companies have proven time and time again, everyone is replaceable. And if you try to be irreplaceable, that’s all the more reason for companies to try and replace you. This starts off my first point about being dispensable: Continue reading

Where’s the Music?

“Never forget this: you can never assume people will automatically realize your worth” (Laura Stack). While our work speaks for itself, it may not speak loud enough, or people may not be listening. How do you take control of the review process and ultimately your raises and promotions? Ed Tate shared some great tips:  Continue reading

Guest Post: The Three Factors That Can Lead You to a Career You LOVE

How often have you taken the time to think about what really interests you at work, what has perhaps shaped the career choices you have made so far?  Think about those times when you get really absorbed in something; the time flies by, doesn’t it? Why is this important?  Because it’s all about bringing more of yourself to work. When you really enjoy what you do, you are more likely to perform well and be satisfied with your career. What comes to your mind when you think of career satisfaction?  Continue reading

Lessons from the Devil, Part I

I wanted to share with you some lessons from the devil…the one that wears Prada, that is. For this segment I want to highlight a few things that, as an employee or a part of team, might help you succeed:

Being an expert is not a requirement to be successful. When Andrea joins the Runway team, she knew nothing of fashion, as evidenced by her unflattering blue sweater and frizzed hair. What mattered was character. Andrea had a strong work ethic, critical thinking skills, and the ability to problem solve. This eventually won the favor of the “devil” more than the more experienced, fashion-focused assistant. Continue reading