Disease of Complacency

A disease is spreading in our country, leaving in its wake death. It’s the disease of complacency. It caused the death of spirituality by causing people to accept eroding standards, to allow charitable giving to take a back seat to the American dream, and to believe a spiritual life isn’t as important as the 80-hour work week. It caused the death of marriages as people become complacent in their relationships, assuming erroneously that the hardest part was the wedding. This disease can be blamed for the continuous deterioration of our country by causing people to forget liberties need to be fought for every day. While many want to blame the Democrats or Republicans, the real cause is complacency, which results in the lack of involvement of the American people. This disease causes the death of companies by making leaders think they have reached the top and that it’s okay to enjoy the success. Complacency kills when people believe they no longer have to work to maintain what they have.

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