Are You Playing out of Bounds?

What do you value? What are you not willing to compromise? When companies write mission and vision statements, often they begin with value statements. Frequently their value statements talk about a commitment to the environment, being involved in the community, upholding quality and innovation, etc. What are your values?

When we set goals, it’s important to take time and explore what we stand for. What do we really value in life? Family? Time not working? Travel? It’s a very individual choice, and one person’s choice isn’t necessarily better than another person’s. As you decide what your driving values are, don’t be fake. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t care about volunteering in the community, don’t say that it’s a value! If you want to have enough financial security that you can take a sabbatical from work every two years, that’s fine, too! The important thing is this: be honest with yourself about your values, and use that as a basis for making your decisions. Continue reading

Signs of a Dream Killer

Beware the dream killer. The dream killer is a master of disguise, often masquerading as someone who loves you and proclaims to have your best interest at heart. The dream killer loves to tell you all the reasons why your dream won’t work or why you are foolish for following it. The dream killer insists that you should be more practical, safer.

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