Tips on Becoming a Person of Influence

If you want to be influential, you have to understand the questions people are asking in the back of their heads. I was joined by Ed Tate and Ed Oakley on the show where they discussed how you have influence when you don’t have authority. Here were a few of my takeaways.

Why do you care? If you need to influence and lead people, it’s important for them to understand why you care. Before you ever talk about what you need from them, be authentically interested in them. Be interested in the work they do and how their position fits in the bigger picture. This reassures them you understand their current demands and their contribution to the workplace. Additionally, show a human interest in them. Realize they do have a life outside of work. Continue reading

Where’s the Music?

“Never forget this: you can never assume people will automatically realize your worth” (Laura Stack). While our work speaks for itself, it may not speak loud enough, or people may not be listening. How do you take control of the review process and ultimately your raises and promotions? Ed Tate shared some great tips:  Continue reading

It’s Not about You

Two people (that I actually have met) really inspire me: Ed Tate and Rory Vaden. These gentlemen are as close as I have come to “celebrities” (except the time I met Steve Forbes, but he doesn’t talk much). Two things about these people inspire me. One, they both worked extremely hard and were rewarded with success. They are models of self-discipline and perseverance. Two, they have never stopped helping other people. Many times I have called Ed to ask a quick question, and we talk for thirty minutes, during which he gives me great advice…advice he normally charges for! Rory, who has a hectic schedule due to a book tour, still takes time to respond to my e-mails personally. 

Continue reading