This Missing Skill Is Killing Our Business and Personal Relationships

The news has been rough: the terrorists’ massacre at Charlie Hedbo’s; a bomb going off outside the NAACP in Colorado Springs – heaven forbid we bring up Ferguson or the cop killings in New York. To add to these stories, I also read a news story about a Florida man throwing his five-year-old daughter off a bridge. After the initial feeling of mortification, I read some of the readers’ comments. I was even more mortified by those. They were obviously not comments by people exercising critical thinking. All comments initially centered around how terrible the man was, how he should be killed, etc. Continue reading

A Way Out

It was a school zone. Someone was driving recklessly. I’m not sure how it happened, but soon two cars had their windows rolled down. One man yelled, “It’s a school zone!” The other replied sarcastically, “Was the light on?” The other promptly informed him, “Yes, and there is a cop back there, you moron.” That did it! The reckless man spewed profanity and told the first guy to mind his own business as he drove off. Why do I tell this story? When we want someone to change their behavior, we have to leave them a way out. Continue reading

Refined by the Fire

Picture a drill sergeant. Can you see that mean look and hear the yelling – are you cowering with fear? Cross that with a chicken with it’s head caught off, and you know exactly what I looked like on the day of my sister’s wedding. We were falling behind schedule, and a few things weren’t turning out as planned. As the ceremony time approached, my ability to see the bigger picture and what next steps or corrective actions were needed helped us get everything completed. However, my directive and impatient nature rose to the surface as I barked orders in abrupt (but efficient) ways.

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Taking the High Road

This topic has been weighing on me lately. It seems many of the sacrifices good parents make could also be said of good leaders. Leaders spend much of their time on stage. I am not sure if many of them realize how much the things they say and do get analyzed by those who work for them. Leaders often become protagonists or antagonists in the hallway stories. Leaders need to realize they set the culture, the morale, and the work ethic within their organizations. While there are many points we could make on this topic, here are a few that stand out to me. Continue reading

How Well Do You Know You?

There was a funny Cosby episode where Olivia asks Dr. Huxtable to see how tall she was. She stands against the wall, and Cliff marks the appropriate spot. Shortly thereafter she asks to be measured again. When he insists there is no way for her to be any taller, she exclaims, “I know my body!”

To be successful we have to know ourselves – more than just our bodies, though. We have to understand what makes us tick, our strong points, our weaknesses, and what really gets to us. I love personality profiles: Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, The Color Code, DISC, any one that I can afford, I take. This has given me a strong understanding of who I am. It has heightened my self-awareness, and I am more easily able to control myself in different situations. I still haven’t mastered my know-it-all syndrome, though (much to my peers’ dismay).

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