How Accountability Can Help Your Discipline

Why is it easier to have success in some areas of our lives but not all areas? I can easily hold myself accountable in learning and advancing myself as a leader, but I have zero discipline when it comes to exercising. My first instinct is to chastise myself and wonder why I so frequently fail in my resolve, especially when attaining my goals would result in high pay-offs. After reflection, I realized I have yet to meet a person who is disciplined in every area of their life.

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Following the Leader

I am the oldest child, and I remember having my brothers and sisters follow me around, and we sang, “Following the leader, the leader, the leader, we’re following the leader wherever (s)he may go.” If you remember, in Disney’s Peter Pan the kids would do whatever the leader did.

This is true within our companies as well. While it might not be a one-for-one monkey see, monkey do, leaders have a profound impact on their employees. I’d like to address just a few.  Continue reading

Are Your Most Important Priorities Rocks, Sand, or Water?

I’m sure by now it’s an urban myth, but the story goes that there was a teacher who had a container. He filled it with rocks and asked the class if the container was full. They responded “yes.” He then took sand and poured it into the container. The sand filled the space between the rocks. Again he asked his class if the container was full. Again the class affirmed that statement. Finally he poured in water. The water filled the space between the sand.

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