You Were Born This Way, so What?

How many times have you heard, “Be true to yourself,” “Everyone is perfect the way they are,” “It’s okay, I was born this way.” I have a contention with that mentality.  It’s true: everyone has a unique set of skills which makes them special. Each person contributes to their world in a way in which only they can do. However, each person is born with flaws.

I am not advocating a boycott against flaws, and I’m hoping people don’t take this the wrong way; however, each of us has something about us that is self-serving. Whether we are proud, manipulative, overly competitive, impatient, uncharitable, etc., we all have a flaw. And this is why I say, “Deny yourself.” This doesn’t mean be a different person, but it does mean recognizing instances where you are falling into bad habits and stopping yourself.

I can at times have a “superiority complex,” and I am not openly friendly to people. I found myself doing this at the conference I was attending. I represent a successful organization, and it’s easy for me to think we do things the best; and if we don’t, I already know what’s broken and how we need to fix it. I have a difficult time sitting with an open mind. As I found myself falling into this again, I realized I needed to change my body language and change my attitude – change my natural reaction.

Each person is unique; however, that doesn’t give us license to act however we please. We should embrace our strong qualities and remember to deny our flaws.


Jana Axline is president and leadership coach at Axline Solutions and author of Becoming You. Through her leadership musings she inspires audiences to grow as leaders and ultimately achieve who they were created to be. For more information visit Axline Solutions.

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