Tips to Overcome Barriers

Do you ever become disheartened when facing what seems like an insurmountable obstacle? Sometimes those obstacles are so huge that we abandon our goals. This week we had Kris Harty, aka “The Short Chick with the Walking Stick,” on the show talking about overcoming challenges blocking our path to success. Here were a few of the tips mentioned:  Continue reading

How to Find Meaningful Work

Recently a shift has occurred in the minds of employees. No longer are people working for just a paycheck. Increasing numbers of people want to make a difference in the world through their job. Meaning is becoming more important. Being able to believe in a company’s purpose is more important. How do you find work that will bring more satisfaction without sacrificing the pay? We brought on Nathaniel Koloc from ReWork to find out. Here are some of the things we talked about:

It’s not a career ladder. If you want to be happy, you need to get the idea of a career ladder out of your head. That’s very limiting. To pursue the career ladder, you have to be content staying with one position for a long time. Instead, think about your career in a non-linear fashion. It’s okay to move sideways and even backwards in order to gain skills and knowledge to build a strong career portfolio. Be strategic and think about positions that will serve you in your long-term goals. Continue reading

Tips on Becoming a Person of Influence

If you want to be influential, you have to understand the questions people are asking in the back of their heads. I was joined by Ed Tate and Ed Oakley on the show where they discussed how you have influence when you don’t have authority. Here were a few of my takeaways.

Why do you care? If you need to influence and lead people, it’s important for them to understand why you care. Before you ever talk about what you need from them, be authentically interested in them. Be interested in the work they do and how their position fits in the bigger picture. This reassures them you understand their current demands and their contribution to the workplace. Additionally, show a human interest in them. Realize they do have a life outside of work. Continue reading

3 Tips on Being a Change Agent

“The only constant is change.” We had Richard Batenburg, CEO of CliIntel, on the show talking about the importance of embracing change. Where do you fall on the change continuum? Are you an early adopter or a laggard? Somewhere in between? Well, if you want to affect change in your organization, but you don’t have the authority, here are a few tips to help you influence the culture: Continue reading

The Transformation of a Dream

It’s in the setbacks that we grow the most. Our dreams become refined; the imperfections are stripped away. Mary MacNeilly learned this at a young age. She joined us on the show and told us how her dreams of being a professional dancer were taken from her when she was in a car accident as a teenager. She gave some great tips about how to rise above your circumstances:

Continue reading

The Lifeblood

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you delivered a product or service to a customer and expected accolades, only to be faced with a disappointed customer? You thought you delivered exactly what the customer was asking for, but they felt you didn’t meet the requirements at all! Customer relationships can be challenging, but they are the lifeblood of business.  Continue reading

Recipe to Make a Small Business

We had a “happy” show with Sara Bencomo, co-owner of Happy Cakes Bakeshop in Denver. Sara and some friends started making cupcakes seven years ago and now are being recognized by places such as 5280 and Martha Stewart. So how do you take a cupcake and make it a profitable business? Sara shared some tips.  Continue reading

The Great American Spirit

Today’s job market is volatile. As job elimination occurs, many people approach their careers differently and many start their own companies. Whether an entrepreneur or someone with a corporate job, it’s important to be running your career like it’s your business. You should always be building your brand and your network. That way, when you need it, you aren’t starting from scratch.

We had George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster from Bigg Success on the show this week. Here are a few tips for those who are thinking of taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Continue reading

Is This Thing On?

Have you ever suffered from the case of “I shouldn’t have said that” or “That’s not what I meant?” It’s tough to say the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. We had Rebecca Barth from She Shares Ministries on the show this week talking about how to communicate for maximum impact. And while we talked about the different ways to communicate, from senior leaders to direct reports, I want to expand more on the topic of communicating with our peers.  Continue reading

Are You Social Enough?

Everyone has a social media brand whether they like it or not! From companies to individuals, your social media presence is becoming more and more important. And if you aren’t on social media, that tells people a lot about you as well! Social media levels the playing field: anyone can create and potentially communicate to vast audiences. Oftentimes the first place people go when researching a company or a potential employee is out to the web to see what they can find. Gina Schreck, social media guru and Chief Hooligan at SocialKNX, and all-around one of my fave people, was on the show this week, giving tips to both entrepreneurs and those employed in the corporate world.  Continue reading