Organizational Gardners

Being a team-building enthusiast and agile blabber-mouth allows me to participate from everything from executive meetings to dev. team ping pong tournaments and believe me when I say, I’ve had more fun in meetings than I have playing ping pong. I’ve been in meetings where everyone feeds off one another and we’re able to build, optimize, or plan something amazing. I’ve been in meetings I’ve looked forwards to and left feeling refreshed to go do more! Why won’t I forget those meetings? Because those teams were high-performing, self-organizing, powerhouses with leaders that gave them direction and guardrails. Some of the most engaging leaders and most amazing teams I’ve ever worked with were waterfall folks through and through. Continue reading

Assisting in Project Stakeholder Management

“Independence is the paradigm of responsible, I am self-reliant, I can choose.” – Steven R. Covey. Covey explained that “we come from a place of assuming that the way we see things is the way they should be.” As individuals, we are often so focused on our own paradigm – the way we perceive, view, understand, or even interpret our projects. This can influence the the steps, effort, resources, or budget decisions necessary to make those projects successful. Continue reading

My Experience at the Dallas Breakfast Meeting

I spoke at the Dallas Breakfast meeting in March on employee engagement. Much to my delight, there was an employee at the hotel helping to set up the meeting and ensuring everyone got their food, and he set the perfect example for my presentation. This man was engaged. I watched him as he offered to bring people food and drinks so they didn’t have to stand and wait for it to be prepared. He even offered to bring people their food into the meeting room so they wouldn’t have to miss any of the presentation. He was energetic; he was engaged. It was a Saturday, and it seemed like this man actually enjoyed being at work. It’s not often you encounter people like this. If more service-based businesses could engage their employees so they were that excited to be at work, profits would increase. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to him and find out what he enjoyed so much about working for that hotel…

Missed Opportunity

I was in my local store, which has a Starbucks. When I walked up to the counter, the Starbucks-trained employee was on the phone, and a store manager was at the register. There were no other customers around. The manager acknowledged me and said that it would be just a minute. I overheard the Starbucks employee, who seemed to be having a personal problem and was very involved in her conversation.

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Stimulating Initiative

I was in my local Target, wanting to purchase store-brand water. I had been trying to purchase it over the past few weeks, and it never seemed to be in stock. I asked a manager what was going on with the water, and he proceeded to give me a weak answer about the store having high sales in water and that they couldn’t keep it in stock. I found this hard to believe because of my frequency of visiting and the fact that all the other water was in stock.

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