My Experience at the Dallas Breakfast Meeting

I spoke at the Dallas Breakfast meeting in March on employee engagement. Much to my delight, there was an employee at the hotel helping to set up the meeting and ensuring everyone got their food, and he set the perfect example for my presentation. This man was engaged. I watched him as he offered to bring people food and drinks so they didn’t have to stand and wait for it to be prepared. He even offered to bring people their food into the meeting room so they wouldn’t have to miss any of the presentation. He was energetic; he was engaged. It was a Saturday, and it seemed like this man actually enjoyed being at work. It’s not often you encounter people like this. If more service-based businesses could engage their employees so they were that excited to be at work, profits would increase. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to him and find out what he enjoyed so much about working for that hotel…

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