What I Learned about Rory’s Stairwell

I met Rory shortly after he became the World Champion of Public Speaking Runner-Up: a fun, high-energy guy, and so inspirational. Since then he has been propelled to the top of the success ladder as an international speaker and New York Times best-selling author. This guy is legit. I saw it. I saw him drive and create and push, then the breakthrough occurred. It wasn’t overnight. It never is. I want to share with you a few things I learned from Rory in the stairwell.  Continue reading

It’s Not about You

Two people (that I actually have met) really inspire me: Ed Tate and Rory Vaden. These gentlemen are as close as I have come to “celebrities” (except the time I met Steve Forbes, but he doesn’t talk much). Two things about these people inspire me. One, they both worked extremely hard and were rewarded with success. They are models of self-discipline and perseverance. Two, they have never stopped helping other people. Many times I have called Ed to ask a quick question, and we talk for thirty minutes, during which he gives me great advice…advice he normally charges for! Rory, who has a hectic schedule due to a book tour, still takes time to respond to my e-mails personally. 

Continue reading