6 Traits to Strive for When Pursuing Your Goals

Have you ever given up on a dream? Have you struggled to attain your vision? Often we have great ideas but may lack a few character traits could propel us to the finish line. Angie Austin, radio host and former news anchor, was a guest on On Air with Axline Solutions. She talked about what characteristics she relied on to fulfill her goal of being on TV. 


Persistence. Not just persistence – relentless persistence. Oftentimes when we are told “no,” we just accept it and move on. “No” sometimes means, “I don’t have enough information,” and rather than try to get enough information, it’s easier to say “no.” If you are faced with this, don’t just give up and move on to the next person or the next idea. Think of ways to resolve the doubt in the person’s mind, and turn a “no” to a “yes.”
Creativity. Approaching things the way everyone else does won’t get you noticed. It’s important to think about how to differentiate yourself from the crowd. I’m reminded of a blast from my past you can see here. Do something in a new way. Approach the situation from a different angle. Don’t be conformed to the status quo.
Perseverance. It’s easy to lose hope when the road gets tough. All that is good is worth waiting for. If you believe in your goal, then keep after it with tenacity and perseverance. Remember, when the road is tough, you grow the most, which ultimately prepares you to handle your dream coming true.
Sacrifice. If big goals didn’t take sacrifice, everyone would achieve them! You have to give up the short-term pleasure for the long-term success. It means you are working on a marketing strategy instead of watching TV in the evening. It means you are networking instead of at the bar for the game. It means you are on the treadmill instead of having dessert. Achieving your goal will be far more enjoyable than the momentary joy you choose to give up in pursuit of it.
Rewards. Celebrate the milestones! The journey is just as important as the destination. So focus on the next step to achieving your goal, and reward yourself when you reach that step. It’s motivating when you take a moment to look back and see how far you’ve come; it makes it easier when you look forward and see how far you still have to go.
Hear Angie’s inspiring interview. Try implementing these traits into your life, and see how they can impact the success rate of reaching your goals. This is just another way to improve your 9-5!
Jana Axline is president and leadership coach at Axline Solutions and author of Becoming You. Through her leadership musings she inspires audiences to grow as leaders and ultimately achieve who they were created to be. For more information visit Axline Solutions.

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